7th Emergency Management for Airports Summit 2020

Event Information

7th Emergency Management for Airports Summit 2020 is making its annual comeback as THE MUST-ATTEND SUMMIT!

Airport emergencies being observed, airports are proactively looking to ensure that they are prepared to respond to emergencies to prevent casualties, damage to property and economic losses.

It’s critical that airports and aviation authorities are able to prepare themselves for any emergency response situations by having prepared themselves and their stakeholders well through exercises, drills and table-top exercises.

Equip Global’s 7th Emergency Management for Airports Summit is your golden opportunity to hear from airport operators and aviation authorities on how they proactively plan for and manage emergencies at their airports.

Taking place from 24-27 February 2020 in Dubai UAE, this summit will bring together key decision makers and experienced professionals who have successfully handled emergencies at their airports. Sharing more with you on the lessons learnt from handling emergencies such as aircraft fires, evacuation of aircraft and terminals, terminal fire incidents, terrorism related emergencies, challenges faced when managing communications during a crisis, business continuity management, incident/emergency site command, table top exercises conduit, emergency drills and exercise planning, and management, as well as how to integrate the lessons learnt globally into their current emergency response plans.

You can look forward to hearing practical case studies from various airports across the region on how they handle emergencies and take steps to minimize the impact of emergencies on their airports.

Event Profile


    1. Gain experiences from leading airports globally including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Gatwick Airport, GMR Hyderabad International Airport and Los Angeles World Airports how to plan, respond to and manage various airport emergencies including aircraft related incidents, emergency landings, Humanitarian Assistance Related Crises, Terminal Evacuation, CBRN hazards and airport power failures
    2. Discover how you can Develop and Execute Bullet-ProofEmergency Management Plans for Security Threats and Terrorism-Related Emergencies by hearing from the likes of Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, London Luton Airport, Chicago Department of Aviation and Bangalore International Airport
    3. Find out How You can Conduct Staff Trainings, Emergency Drills and Large-Scale Exercisesto Prepare Your Airport Effectively for Any Type of Emergency
    4. Incident Command and Crisis Communication– Learn How can you better Manage Emergency Sites, Manage Crisis Response and Communications While Improving Coordination across Stakeholders & With Your Airline/Government Authority Counterparts amidst and after Emergencies
    5. Hear Airport Case Studies onHow you can Restore Your Business Operations Swiftly and Efficiently Post-Crisis/Emergency
    6. Learn from and Network with Fire Chiefs & Managersfrom Around the World’s Leading Airports on How You Can Better Plan for and Manage Airport Fire Accidents and Fuel Spills
    7. Attend 6 Workshops which will Elevate Your Learning Experience and Get You Detailed Airport Practitioner Led Insights on how you can practically sharpen your emergency management and planning strategies and practices
  • Drivers for 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020:

    • Developing Sound and Operationally Effective Emergency Plans
    • Responding Effectively to Emergencies and Mitigating Threats Faced in Emergency Scenarios to Minimize Operational Disruptions, Minimize Casualties and Damage to Facilities
    • Effective Stakeholder & Multi-Agency Management of Emergencies and Crisis
    • Planning and Conducting Full Scale Emergency Exercises, Drills and Tabletop Exercises to Prepare Your Airport for Real-Life Scenarios
  • Who Should Attend the 7th Emergency Management for Airports Summit 2020:

    This event best suits has been developed for Airport Operators, Airport Authorities and Law-Enforcement Agencies and will be attended by:

    Heads, Directors, Managers, Specialists, Planners, and Officers of the following divisions:

    • Airport Security
    • Aviation Security (AVSEC)
    • Security
    • Passenger Security
    • Airport Operators
    • Operations Management
    • Risk & Resilience


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