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Adapting and Innovating in the new digital world.

Join us at Equip Global’s 4th Industry 4.0 Congress 2019 from 25th to 28th November 2019 and discover new opportunities created by Industry 4.0 today! Get inspired as we gather key innovators, industrial leaders and decision-makers at the heart of the latest Industrial Revolution. Hear from project directors, innovation heads, decision makers of manufacturing, supply chain, operations and business units from across sectors including Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Power & Utilities, FMCG, Chemicals, Agriculture amongst others on how they have successfully rolled up Industry 4.0 Transformation Projects while deriving return on investment from their Industry 4.0 technology implementation.

Today another great technological change is at hand! Faster processing power and internet connection speed has allowed humans to digitize the physical world. This increased digitalization and processing power enhances existing technologies, as well as transformational digital technologies like A.I, Machine learning, Internet of Things, Advanced Robotics and 3D Printing. The question is how industries and companies can globally benefit from Industry 4.0 technologies for commercial and industrial use to raise productivity and profitability.

Event Profile

  • Get Inspired at the 4th Industry 4.0 Congress 2019:

    • Hear from industrial leaders: Expand your horizons! Gain opportunities to meet and join leading industry leaders from all over the world as they share valuable insights, experience and practical solutions as they innovate for the new technological age.
    • Latest Technology: Update yourself on the latest Industry 4.0 technological tools and how you can maximize the benefit of Industry 4.0 Implementation from industrial leaders around the world to increase productivity, track your products and understanding your customers to create more robust global supply chains.
    • Actual Case Studies:Hear about How You can Plan and Implement Industrial 4.0 processes that have met the concrete test of application which have proven to improve an organization’s efficiency and performance.
    • Commercialize your data: Understand the best practices when gathering, processing and utilizing data to increase productivity, track your products and understanding your customers to create more robust global supply chains.
    • Protection from Cybersecurity Issues: Hear about the best practices in the management of cyber-attacks, cyber security requirements and incorporating cyber security measures and methods in the context of IOT.
    • Learning the Benefits of IoT: Learn how connecting devices such as sensors and wearables with automated systems for better tracking, reduced machine downtime, increased safety and Quality Control.
    • Smart Factories: Understand the key considerations when digitizing your manufacturing processes and explore how the latest technologies can help automate processes such as packaging, assembly lines and autonomous robotics to create a connected, optimized, transparent, proactive and agile factory for increased productivity.
    • Vertical and Horizontal Integration: Understand what improving machine-to-machine communication can mean for you, the importance of end-to-end digital transformation and strategize to integrate systems across departments.
    • Accurate environment Data Capture: Hear about best practices when using sensors on machines, building a proper sensor network and sensor data management system for environmental on-site data acquisition.
    • Better Customer Engagement: Learn about how new Industry 4.0 technologies can help you better understand customers to create the ultimate customer experience for product design, sales & marketing, customer engagement and on the sales floor.
  • Who Should Attend?

    Industrial Innovation Leaders & Business Decision Makers Including:

    Directors, Managers, Project Heads, Senior Engineers, Data Scientists

    In charge of the following departments:

    • Innovation, Digitalization, IT Application
    • Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Automation,
    • Supply Chain, Warehouse Management
    • Customer Experience Design
  • What will you Gain?

    At the 4th Industry 4.0 Congress 2019, you will hear about the lessons learnt in integrating Industry 4.0 into your current operations as industry practitioners discuss key collated topics such as reaping the benefits of AI, IIOTmachine learning, Smart Factories, 3D Printing and Cloud.  Hear about considerations in digitizing and automating manufacturing processes and achieving continuous improvement in our factories using Industrial 4.0 technology. Learn about the importance and strategies to achieving data interoperability across horizontal and vertical supply chains to create a global value chain. Also, learn how to properly manage and commercialize big data by achieve consistent and clean data to improve the efficiency of your decision-making, as well as countering issues of data loss and cyber-security.


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