4th Annual China Aviation Training Forum 2018

Event Information

According to ‘2018 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook’, the demand for civil aviation pilots in Asia Pacific region will be 261,000 from 2018 to 2037. China takes nearly half proportion of this demand. Boeing predicted that, in the year of 2037, China will double the amount of its aircraft fleet, which means China need to increase around 128,000 pilots in the next 20 years.

With the continuous development of transportation routes, new type of aircraft fleet started to deliver, such as mass production stage of Boeing 777X, it will operate next year; recently, Airbus 350XWB has successfully delivered to Air China; the Chinese made C919 trunk line aircraft also made its test flights; the Chinese made ARJ 21 regional aircraft already start its airline operation as well. Aircraft OEMs start to promote their latest product in Chinese market, which is an urgent call for increasing professional pilots, technicians, cockpit crews and instructors to match the demand in a short period of time.

Against this backdrop, ‘4th Annual China Aviation Training Forum 2018’ will be held on December 5th – 6th, 2018 in Guanghan city. which is hosted by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics and Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology Sub-committee of CSAA, supported by Air China Limited, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Chengdu Airlines and Center of Aviation Safety Technology, CAAC. Guanghan city is one of the testing area under ‘Open low-altitude airspace’ in China. CATF 2018 will focus on trend of aviation training market and flight safety through the session such as keynote speaking, panel discussion, exhibition, 1 to 1 meeting etc.

Event Profile

  • Key Topics

    1. Pilot work style training, increase competence and awareness.
    2. The need for future flight to enhance the training ability of pilots and flight instructors in operating skills
    3. Evidence based training.
    4. Exploration and practice of training mode for pilot training of Chinese transportation route
    5. Pilot training on new aircraft model.
    6. Practical training solutions on shortage of captain pilots.
    7. Advices and challenges from pilot to first officer.
    8. How to differentiate high-performance flight training and primary flight training?
    9. How to decide training target and training course based on requirements of end users
    10. Boeing’s Aviation Learning and Operation.
    11. Airbus forecast of future aviation training.
    12. Next generation flight training simulator.
    13. Multi-crew pilot training.
    14. How to accelerate the effectiveness of high-performance flight by increase training hour from 20 to 50?
    15. Cooperation and innovation of training methods on engineering maintenance.
    16. Next generation flight training technology.
    17. Potential risks of automation training model.
    18. How to make aviation training process with new technologies fun and interesting?
  • Key Speakers

    • Civil Aviation Management Institute of China – LI Haipeng, Director of Flight Training Center
    • Air Navigation Bureau of ICAO – QI Gang, Implementation Support Officer, Air Navigation Implementation Planning and Support Section
    • COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Services Co., Ltd. – WANG Zhenwei, Chief Engineer of Operation & Support, Head of Flight Training Department
    • International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations – Amornvaj MANSUMITCHAI, Deputy President
    • China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. – JIA Bin, Deputy General Manager of Flight Management Department
    • Civil Aviation Flight University of China – XIANG Xiaojun, Director of Flight Mechanics Office


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