4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020

Event Information

4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020 is making its annual comeback as THE MUST-ATTEND SUMMIT

Global airport operators, airport authorities and airport law-enforcement agencies to hear and learn from the very best how you can optimize airport security without impacting operations and customers experience.

The key drivers prompting prime attention on improved aviation security within airport operations and environment include:

  1. Airports Needing To ay closer attention to Insider Threats
  2. Drones disruptions amongst airports and the security threats it possess
  3. Uprising threats around Landside Security with Airport Terminals
  4. Improved Screening Strategies Required at Airports

Event Profile

  • Why The 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit Is A MUST ATTEND:

    • Address your most pressing present-day challenges faced by airport security and authoritiesincluding screening, scanning, landside and airside security
    • Listen to how leading airports improvise risks analysis and assessment frameworks through the combination of traditional physical means, proven methodologies and modern technologies
    • Discuss and learn about airport security technology development and how airports are implementing these technologiesto create a seamless and worry-less experience for passengers travelling
    • Join in on sharing sessions as Firstline Security Enforcers talk about challenges they have faced in the aviation industry, lessons learned and proven techniques they have used to plan for and resolve extreme situations
    • Learn how you can effectively plan against countering uprising drone threats, managing the impacts caused by unauthorized drone operations, as well as mitigate the ‘unknown’ possible levels of dangersthat have yet to be unleashed by drones.
    • Devise strategies to develop and upgrade screening facilities and processes, including the detection of dangerous liquids and chemicals without disrupting daily ongoing operations at security checkpoints
    • Understand how biometrics are implemented within airports operations togenerate optimum efficiency in screening, scanning and boarding procedures.
    • Understand thelatest regulations and compliances issued by IATA and ICAO pertaining to airport security operations and how you can adapt your security measures.
    • Understand how airports and aviation authorities are coming up with proven methods todetect, prevent and counter Insider Threats, a long-term ongoing risk to airport operations and public safety.
    • Incident Management and Command – Gain insights on how Airport Operators and Law Enforcers can better respond, manage and secure dangerous sites and situations within the airport vicinity.
    • Security Exercise Planning, Simulation and Conduit –  Find our how you can plan and simulate large-scale airport security exercises and drills based on different possible scenarios in preparation of any future incidents.
  • 4 Drivers for 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020:

    1. Devising Strategies to Detect and Counter Insider Security Threats
    2. Developing Improved Screening Systems & Solutions to Mitigate Security Management Challenges
    3. Developing New Measures to Protect Airports Against Uprising Landside Threats and Issues
    4. Countering the Security Threats Posed by Drones Disturbance within Airport Perimeters and Generating the Right Measures to Effectively Detect, Manage and Minimize or Mitigate Drones Appearance at Airports
  • Who Should Attend the 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit:

    This event best suits has been developed for Airport Operators, Airport Authorities and Law-Enforcement Agencies and will be attended by:

    Heads, Directors, Managers, Specialists, Planners, and Officers of the following divisions:

    • Airport Security
    • Aviation Security (AVSEC)
    • Security
    • Passenger Security
    • Airport Operators
    • Operations Management
    • Risk & Resilience


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