32nd IATA Ground Handling Conference

Event Information

The IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHC) is the premier annual ground handling industry conference in the world.

Why should you attend?

Unique business,​ networking and branding opportunities with 95% satisfaction rate.

  • Over 750 delegates are expected
  • Meet airlines decision makers
  • Exclusive access to industry intelligence and latest industry developments

Who will you meet?

Bringing together over 750 delegates to represent the whole industry, here’s who you will meet:

  • 30% airlines, 60% ground service providers and airports, 10% manufacturers and solution providers
  • 60% commercial and 34% operational/safety positions represented
  • 50% executive management, 49% middle management

IGHC 2018 Welcome Remarks
Looking forward to 2019, strong passenger and cargo growth are forecast to continue. That will shift the industry’s focus to identifying new efficiencies in other areas, such as ground operations. But efficiencies can only be realized when we come together as an industry. This is one of the main purposes of the IGHC, to exchange ideas, discuss critical industry issues, and showcase the latest innovative products and services.

Joseph Suidan, Head of Ground Operations, IATA

“The IGHC is an excellent opportunity to meet with customers and partners as well as participate in helpful workshops that address the future of our business.”
David Walker, Jardine Aviation Services Group

“A very well run conference bringing airlines, handling companies and suppliers to one single event.”
Stuart Key, Menzies Aviation

“It’s a great industry event that cannot be missed.”
Dave Li, Jardine Aviation Services Group


33, Route de l'Aeroport
PO Box 416
1215 Geneva - 15 Airport
  • +41 22 770 2525