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Event Passenger Terminal EXPO 2022
Organiser UKi Media & Events Ltd.
Event Date 05.04.2022
Press Release Date 06.02.2018

Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 is set to be the biggest and best in the event’s 20-year history. With 270+ exhibits covering 17,000m2, every aspect of designing and operating a passenger terminal is represented, from aviation security and border control technologies to retail and concessions.

We have selected a handful of exhibitors who will be showcasing their seating solutions in Stockholm. These exhibitors have focused not only on comfort, convenience and style, but have also incorporated security and environmental solutions into their designs.

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With its sleek new design, the inPower Flex 3 module by Arconas enables passengers to recharge their personal electronics from a comfortable seated position. The device was designed with USB Type-C ports, the newest standard in USB charging, as well as two AC receptacles. USB Type-C can charge any type of mobile devices without an AC adapter. Its adaptive fast charging allows one cable to work on a wide range of devices and accessories, and the module works with devices to optimize charging speed.

Arconas will also be on hand to discuss its exclusive partnership for the airport furniture market with Amulet Protective Technologies, the premier manufacturer of ballistic protection for public spaces. Arconas has developed the option to seamlessly integrate Amulet’s ballistic barrier panel solution behind the back cushion of its Flyaway seating series (pictured). Amulet can invisibly transform a standard Flyaway unit into a ‘safe haven’ in the event of an active shooting. Amulet technology is invisible to the public and its design works in conjunction with human behavior during gun violence to protect bystanders and first responders.

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With its line of seating for passenger terminals that gives the feeling of being close to nature, Green Furniture offers a unique approach to seats. Endlessly configurable, the furniture helps communicate a sense of place to passengers. This year at Passenger Terminal World Expo 2018, the company will showcase a new seating system, which has been specifically designed for an airport environment.

Just like seating solutions for modern shopping malls, the latest offering from Green Furniture offers pleasant and open seating in the commercial zones, helping to maintain the flow of passengers. The result is satisfied passengers, happy store owners and a more even passenger flow through the terminal, resulting in good business for the airport. To learn more about Green Furniture’s Nova C seamless benches, designed to improve commercial flows and create a sense of place, visit the company’s stand and ask for a proposal.

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Apex is a practical, hard-wearing, comfortable and bespoke seating model by Leadcom Seating, designed for even the busiest of public waiting areas. It is ergonomically designed and made to provide superior support over long waiting periods.

Apex features an elegant high-back and footrest design for comfort, allowing passengers to lounge and relax. The use of high-quality padding and aluminum components makes cleaning and maintenance easier, adding more value to airport waiting areas. Other benefits include simple and fast assembly with its clamp-lock design, which ensures higher flexibility for on-site row configuration adjustment.

Apex also features molded PU padding, built with a level of durability that withstands scratches and heavy use, and its lounger style is specially created for long waiting periods. As an independent solution provider, seating orders are managed internally from start to finish, with no delays by off-site third parties to hinder the progress of a project.

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