25% Discount for the TravelTech Innovation Summit with Airline-Suppliers.com

Event TravelTech Innovation Summit
Organiser Luxatia International
Event Date 15.09.2016
Press Release Date 20.05.2016

Airline-Suppliers.com is proud to announce a 25% discount for the TravelTech Innovation Summit, organised by Luxatia International on 15th – 16th September 2016 in Amsterdam.

TravelTech Innovation Summit will focus on the latest technology trends and advances within tourism and hospitality industries. Hearing the inspirational presentations, prepared by our expert-speakers, will offer participants new ideas for developing their products and fresh viewpoints on future projects. Besides the keynotes, networking and knowledge sharing will be an important part of the summit and it will be an ideal platform to assimilate new ideas on how to improve products and grow profitability.

Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for life-enhancing experiences. They have the technology at their fingertips and they see it not just as a device or a platform for communications, but as a way to improve life and make better choices. In this fast-moving digital landscape, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations has become a must. As a thriving tech and ICT hub, Amsterdam will serve as a perfect venue for the summit, with its impressive digital infrastructure and multicultural, open atmosphere.

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