Delta contributes more than $1M to Ukraine relief, opens giving channels for customers

Delta Air Lines has contributed $1 million to the American Red Cross and Global Red Cross Movement in support of humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine, which are delivering needed supplies, first aid training, evacuation assistance and more.

The airline also has given $100,000 to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to assist in providing humanitarian aid to people affected by the crisis.

Delta encourages customers and employees in the U.S. to get involved by contributing financially to the American Red Cross. For those outside the U.S., contributions can be made through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies website.

Delta’s contributions – and those made by Delta people, customers and others –  are used for humanitarian relief efforts, including the following from the American Red Cross:

  • Distributing more than 90,000 food and hygiene parcels to families on the move across Ukraine, including Mariupol.
  • Providing first aid training to more than 12,000 people in metro stations and bomb shelters.
  • Delivering more than 32 tons of food, blankets, medicine, medical supplies, trauma kits and household items.
  • Assisting with the evacuation of people with disabilities.
  • Distributing critical care items to over 7,000 people seeking safety from shelling in bomb shelters.

“The most important way to help is financial giving, as the American Red Cross and the Global Red Cross Movement have the resources and infrastructure to obtain and deliver goods, supplies and trained volunteers to the places and people that need it most,” said Tad Hutcheson, Delta’s Managing Director of Community Engagement.

The current needs are tremendous, with the most critical including water delivery, support to health facilities and medical care for families wounded, according to the American Red Cross, which is Delta’s longest-standing nonprofit partner.

The partnership has allowed the airline, its customers and employees to help people in need worldwide since 1941. This contribution is in addition to Delta’s $1 million grant to the American Red Cross as an Annual Disaster Giving Program partner. For more information on the services of the Red Cross and how they are responding to this crisis, please visit