Croatia Airlines to replace existing fleet with a new unified fleet by 2026

Croatia’s flag carrier’s new fleet to create better and more competitive airline service in the Republic of Croatia

In accordance with Croatia Airlines’ post-Covid-19 strategy, which was adopted in August last year, and with the aim of renewing its fleet, of increasing the efficiency of its business operations, and of improving the company’s competitiveness, Croatia’s flag carrier has made the decision to replace all its existing aircraft with a single-type fleet of jet-powered aircraft by 2026. For this purpose, the A220 aircraft, manufactured by the European manufacturer Airbus, was selected.

Croatia Airlines will replace its existing fleet by ordering 6 new A220 aircraft, which were agreed on in the form of an addendum to the pre-existing contract between Croatia Airlines and Airbus agreed on in 2008 for A319 aircraft, which were then replaced in 2015 with the A320 neo variant. Now that the strategy for a new development cycle has been adopted, these will ultimately be replaced with A220, whose capacity is 127 and 148 seats.

When making the decision, special attention was paid to trends in the highly competitive aviation market, fuel prices, CO2 emissions, the goals of the European Commission’s Green Deal policies, and the needs of our passengers. The new, higher-quality A220 aircraft, whose capacity is 127 and 148 seats, will respond to the specific needs of passengers in a better way, and provide a more efficient business model, thanks to which additional business opportunities will open up to the company, ensuring improvement and sustainable development to our passengers, our owner the Republic of Croatia, and our employees.