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January 2021

Aluflite aluminium drawers manufactured for airline and rail catering operations. Designed for durability!

As specialist manufacturers of aluminium, we want to give the spotlight to our aluminium drawer product range as these remain extremely popular with both our airline industry and rail operator business partners across the world. Why? Simply put, …

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Registration closing soon for SMi Group’s 14th Annual Border Security Conference

SMi Group reports: The Border Security conference hosted by SMi Group is taking place virtually in less than two weeks’ time. SMi Group's 14th annual Border Security conference will be closing in less than two weeks' …

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Latvia enhances pilot briefing services with FREQUENTIS’ online and mobile application

Latvian Air Navigation Services, Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme (LGS) selected Frequentis California to enhance its pilot briefing services to increase flight planning efficiency and safety, as well as ease of use for pilots. The Frequentis Integrated …

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Let's talk trolley options!

Korita Aviation has a number of trolley options that can be selected to customise airline and rail catering trolleys for ease in service delivery onboard. To manufacture trolleys with custom options we will apply our minimum order requirements. Is 'extra …

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Trolley talk. By train and by plane, our trolleys travel the world every day!

Yes, it's true, our trolleys are frequent travellers and have a very busy schedule! They also have an important role. Our trolleys need to support the crew by being a reliable piece of catering equipment that helps them …

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Our ATLAS standard ‘Superlight’ drawer offers superb benefits! Find out why our 'Superlight' drawer is so popular

Last year we added a new polypropylene drawer to our on-hand stock portfolio. We are really pleased to share that this item has proven to be exceptionally popular with our airline customers. Let's look at some …

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Some say ‘standard units’ others say ‘containers’. We say, 'we have them in stock for you!'

Ensuring that we can support our valued customers is what we do best! In this news item, we wanted to highlight the fact that whether you reference them as 'containers' or 'standard units' we can handle your immediate …

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TotalEnergies commits to curbing its CO2 emissions

Aware of the environmental challenges that go with its operations at its customers' airports, TotalEnergies is involved in an initiative to improve its carbon footprint. Multiple projects are on the drawing board while others are …

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Combatting cross-border crime with technology during COVID-19 discussed at the virtual Border Security conference next month

SMi Group reports: US speakers from the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol are set to speak at the 14th annual Border Security conference this February On the 4th January 2021, it was announced that …

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