Boeing outsells Airbus in the first quarter of 2018

Airbus has fallen far behind Boeing during the last three months, both in orders and deliveries. According to the official order book, the European plane maker received 45 orders and delivered 121 planes while its American rival shows 221 orders for 184 deliveries in the same period.

Airbus had to face several order cancelations since the beginning of the year, the most recently by American Airlines that canceled 22 A350s ordered in 2013. The U.S. based company chose to buy 47 B787 Dreamliners instead.

Boeing owes its success to the high demand for its 737 jetliner. 132 out of its 184 deliveries in 2018 were for its single-aisle bestseller.

As for Airbus, it saw the  deliveries being greatly affected by engine problems, both with its partners Pratt & Whitney and Safran-General Electric co-company CFM International. The deliveries of the Pratt-powered A320neo have been suspended.

Airbus still expects to deliver around 800 planes by the end of the year (about a hundred more than in 2017 that is  already a record year for the company).

Source – AeroTime