2nd International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation

Hosted by
– Technical Committee of Avionics and Air Traffic Management, CSAA

Co-organized by
– Civil Aviation University of China     
– CAAC Key laboratory of General Aviation Operation

Organized by
– CETC Les • State Key Laboratory of Air Traffic Management System and Technology
– Beihang University  
– Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

【Hot Topics】
1. Domestic Air Traffic Management Development Plan and New Regulations
2. Global Air Traffic Control Development Trend and Future New Technology
3. Improve ADS-B Data Application Technology and Improve the Operational Efficiency of ATM
4. Future Development and Challenges of ATM System Operation Based on 4D-TBO
5. Cross-regional Traffic Monitoring and Management Technology
6. Weather Monitoring and Smart Cloud Service Technology Application
7. Application of AeroMACS Technology in the Airport
8. Technology Development of Performance-based Navigation (PBN)
9. Construction of Air-Ground Integration Network
10. Applications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Air Traffic Management
11. Future Development and Application of the Data Chain
12. The Combination of 5G Technology and the Application of ATM
13. “Class C Data Transfer” Technology Application, to Improve the Flight Punctuality
14. Comparison of Domestic and External Communication Navigation and Surveillance Technology
15. Satellite Navigation Systems and Ground-based and Satellite-based Enhancement System Technologies